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I have noticed more and more that I will not eat anything with fat,oil, carbs, etc. It has gotten to the point that I won't eat at all iif there is nothing else around. I keep losing weight. What is my problem?


Is sounds as though you are

Is sounds as though you are developing many food fears, which if not already, can definitely lead to an eating disorder. Are you aware of your motivation behind not eating those certain foods? What are your fears? I would recommend that you seek counseling with a professional who is familiar with eating disorders, and that you begin to incorporate those foods that you have cut out of your diet, back in. Dietary fat, including certain oils, etc., and carbohydrates are essential to maintaining health and energy. If you continue to lose weight, you could risk falling into a "starvation syndrome", which will drastically affect your ability to think rationally, and which could make matters even worse. Good luck!!