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i think i have an eating disorder but seems to fall into different categories ?


i have been told i need help,

i have been told i need help, like a support group , i am looking for help

Hello....many times an eating

Hello....many times an eating disorder will not 'present' perfectly into one diagnosis specifically, but one can be engaging in symptoms that 'cross over'. This is due to the chaotic features of starvation, which leads to bingeing/purging, and often other compensatory behaviors. The diagnosis is not as important as getting help for the underlying emotional components. A support group could be very helpful, but without professional help, such as a therapist or treatment, an eating disorder is not likely to be overcome. It's a very tricky monster!
I suggest that you seek the advice of a profesional and have a thorough assessment done to determine what your true needs are for getting help. If you want to find a support group, I recommend that it be a specified support group for eating disorders only, and not a mix. Eating Disorders Anonymous (EDA) and Anorexia Nervosa and Related Disorders (ANAD) are both organizations that may have groups running in your area. Please seek help as soon as possible!

thank you have a therapist

thank you have a therapist she is helpiing me ; she sent me to my gp thinking he may think this is a problem but he did not. time to find a new gp / thank you again for your response.

Hi, I have a friend who has


I have a friend who has recently told me she has had bulimia over the past year or so. She forces herself to be sick after meals that she thinks are bad for her, but she knows she wants to eat the bad food so she can be sick. Its a psychological mind game. She is studying nursing and is aware of the consequences of bulimia and is also open minded to getting treatment, in fact she is seeing dietitians for advice and having counseling sessions from time to time. I am not sure if it is the chemical release that she enjoys after doing it, or the fact that its something she can control within herself. My main concern is that she is not hitting the problem head on as I am aware she has a confidence issue and this is a way in which she is displaying it. From my perspective, I have had a bad experience with a friend who suffered from bulimia several years ago who ended up manipulating and emotionally attacking me as I was the only person that she told about it. And when she asked for help and I tried to help her she would turn very nasty toward me. We no longer speak as it is too difficult for us to repair that friendship and I am just wondering how I can assist my other friend who has bulimia now and employ methods which will not seem too daunting for her to want to stop communication with me as that will not help her at all. I would appreciate your response, thanks.

Hello.....I understand your

Hello.....I understand your concerns. Those who are in the midst of an eating disorder will engage in behaviors and act in ways that do not make sense, because of the chaotic eating and starvation. I think for you, you must accept that you can't fix your friend, and that at best, reminding her that you care, and that you are there for her when she is ready to ask for help, to please tell you. SHE must make that step. You can continue to remind her that you are concerned about her, and ask her to let you know what she needs. At some point, if your life is being affected negatively by her disorder, and lack of action, you have every right to take the 'tough love' stance and let her know that you can't stand by and watch her do this anymore. Stepping back for a time might be the wake up call that she needs, and the break that you need to recharge. She does need to know that the eating disorder affects others too. Unless she allows you to help, there is not a lot you can DO, but let her know you care.
Thank you,