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I think I'm living with an eating disorder, but I'm not underweight at 130lb, and am still trying to loose weight. I don't know what to do?


Maybe it would be best if

Maybe it would be best if you'd consult a doctor for that. If that's an eating disorder, I think a specialist can help you cope with that.

Haven't met anyone experiencing anorexic problem, but I guess, it's really hard...seeing a person suffer from that disorder..

I agree that you should

I agree that you should consult a doctor or a therapist who specializes in eating disorders. I am curious about what makes you think you may have an eating disorder? What behaviors are you engaging in that you think indicate this? It's good that you are looking out for yourself. An eating disorder is a complex and possibly fatal illness. Take care, and good luck!

the problem is that I

the problem is that I understand how ridiculous things that bother me are, but I'm so desperate to be thin that I'd do anything. I constantly count calories,and hate feeling full, even after a drink of coffee and have recently been purging. But I'm too embarressed to go to a doctor because they'd think I was mad if I said I had an eating disorder because I look overwieght. Thanks for your help, it means a lot!

Eating disorders are not

Eating disorders are not about weight, although many people, and even doctors think so. You didn't mention that you struggle with purging. That is a very dangerous and serious behavior, which can result in many different types of damage to your body. People of all weights can have an eating disorder, and any good doctor should know that. Please seek help and be totally honest about what is going on. This is not your fault, but you need help!