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I wonder what peoples opinions are on whether retailers are to blame in part for the rise in eating disorders? What are the roles their advertisments, the set up of the stores and the general culture within the store playing in the problem?


Media and retailers do play a

Media and retailers do play a huge role in the development of an eating disorder among those who may already be vulnerable. Those being the more anxious, obsessional, rigid in nature personalities, and those who have an irrational need for acceptance and to please. Perfectionism is also a large precursor to the development of eating disorders. The media images that are so unrealistic and actually not even real do play a large part in many young women's unhealthy pursuit for thinness, which many times leads to a full blown eating disorder. Society's pressure to meet up to standards that are not even realistic, and truthfully, very unhealthy, are very instrumental in the increase of eating disorders in America. Also, the dieting industry, which now take up over 60 billion dollars of our money in the US has a huge impact. Many eating disorders begin with a diet. Diet don't work, and in fact, may be a very large part of why obesity is so rampant in America.
Advertisers are the biggest problem, and the emphasis that is placed on a person's worth equating to outer appearance.