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I'm currently weighting 96 pounds, is that a healthy weight if I measure 5'4"??


Hi: It's really not possible


It's really not possible to take a number or measurement and say whether this equals a healthy or unhealthy weight for someone.

Of course, there are lots of factors and variables which can make a difference. Individual variation plays a role, as well as other metabolic issues and lifestyle concerns.

If you were to look at a chart measuring weight and height, you would see that 96 pounds is a low weight for someone who is 5' 4".

The question is, how are you maintaining this weight? If you are eating very little, binging and/or purging, over exercising, etc., then this could be an indication of an eating disorder.

Maintaining a healthy weight is about much more than the actual number of pounds you weigh. If you are concerned about your weight, I would encourage you to see a health professional or doctor to put your mind at ease.

Wishing you well.