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I'm underweight (5' 7", 110lbs). Every day I eat cheese for my protein and milk servings (6 oz protein,1-2 milk servings). Is this healthy for someone at a healthy weight? I don't want to get used to this if it isn't healthy.


I've been doing this for the

I've been doing this for the last several months and have been losing weight verrrrrrry slowly because I still don't eat enough, but I don't want to get used to eating cheese for all my protein and cheese if it is not healthy for someone at a normal weight to do that. I'm concerned about saturated fat and cholesterol, but the rest of my diet isn't full of either of those two. I love cheese and ed is taking advantage of this fear. So is it ok to eat that much cheese for protein and milk, regardless of if I'm at an unhealthy or normal weight?

Hi....When you are

Hi....When you are recoverying from an eating disorder, any food is better than no know? Cheese is a great source of dairy and protein, but you may need to add some animal protein, eggs, or other protein foods. Focusing on cholesterol or fat at this point is moot. Worrying about 'nutrition' in any way that limits your choices can only 'feed' into the ED mindset. Your weight is quite low for your height. I hope you are consulting with a therapist regarding the underlying issues as well.
A meal plan is critical for you during this recovery process. Moderation is the ultimate goal...take care...Jan

If you are a fan of dairy and

If you are a fan of dairy and protein and are looking for some variety, I highly recommend Ensure nutritional shakes. They come in several flavors and healthy varieties, and actually taste great. I like to blend them with frozen fruit for a great smoothie that's easy to enjoy! Best of luck to you!