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Is it an eating disorder? and can I get out of it without gaining weight?


Okay so I'm 18 and weight 118

Okay so I'm 18 and weight 118 pounds. I'm very athletic but recently started to cut back on my calories to lose weight. I went from 134 to 118 in 3-4 months. I workout 6 days a week (3 days lifting + cardio, and 3 days HIIT) and i eat 1200 to 1400 a day.

I know that it's not enough since I should eat about 2100 calories a day, but I'm too scared to gain all my weight back. I also stopped having my period and feel tired all the time.

I keep track of every single calories I'm eating and I know I'm not fat but I don't see myself really skinny. I also know it's unhealthy not to have your period, but I'm just terrified of getting fat again. What should I do?