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is it normal to feel fat even you already lost weight and was able to wear nice clothes that you can wear before, how will you know you have a eating disorder?


The focus on your body and

The focus on your body and weight will probably never lead to being satisfied with your body, because of the underlying meaning that you place on this. Yes, when you have an eating disorder, this is common, and it's part of what begins to happen with your increased obsession with body weight and shape and size. Please seek professional help so you can heal before this takes your health, or your life from you!!

thanks janurse427, i really

thanks janurse427, i really thought of it before because before i did induce vomiting, that was the time i vomit greenish discharge and my throat is easily irritated, then i also tried all types of diet pills,bangkok pills, kangkura, kangkunis, gym, zhen de shou, name it, it usually ended in rebound weight gain,, last quarter of 2010 i started no rice diet because rice is our staple food, i stop eating rice, i ate biscuits, lots of fluids, when i feel like fainting i eat candy of drink juice, if it is headache i pamper myself to eat whatever i want to eat, but after that i feel guilty on eating to much, what im going to do is to do all the chores in the house to sweat like a pig, then i discovered Leisure 18 slimming coffee, im still on it until now,...the effects are sweating to much, you dont crave for foods, and i'm always thirsty, i think the type of eating disorder that i have is EDNOS, i feel depress and helpless because im doing everything to lose weight but its not working,,, before i wt. 175lbs then last january my wt is 145lbs, then i wt myself last april it 145lbs,,, now im very determine to lose all the excess pounds that i have to maintain a healthy life and a healthy mind... thank you ms. janurse427.....

hope...losing weight will not

hope...losing weight will not make your body or mind more healthy, if it's all based on an ED mindset and beliefs. Dieting/weight loss is the number # cause for eating disorders in the first place. The key is accepting YOUR body type and size, and making sure that you work on the issues that will help you shift your focus from your weight to who you truly are as a person. Take care, and please seek help.....Jan ?