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Is recovery worth it? are there people of all sizes there? (I'm so scared)


Hi Mich: Yes, absolutely! I

Hi Mich:

Yes, absolutely! I can't stress enough to you, how important it is to get help for your eating disorder. Professional treatment will help you to work through the issues that are causing you to struggle with your eating disorder. Treatment will also prevent more physical damage to your body as well as offering you the chance to live a good life again. These are serious disorders, and left untreated can be fatal. I urge you not to put off reaching out for help, and connecting with a good treatment team or counselor.

It is completely normal to feel scared and anxious about something new such as treatment. Most people feel unsure about what will happen, and it may help you to talk to a counselor and get some information in advance about the type of program you are going to attend.

When in treatment, it is the eating disorder that is being addressed, not necessarily your size. You will find people of all different types and sizes - in fact, some people with bulimia may appear to be of normal weight or above average weight, yet still have a very serious condition. Each one of us is individual, and people enter treatment with different life experiences and unique situations.

Although it's scary to think about recovery, you do deserve to live a good life free from fear and the negative effects of your eating disorder. Recovery will open your mind to a healthy view of life as well as helping you to discover self-acceptance and happiness - and yes, it's challenging, but absolutely worth it! Please take care of yourself.