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IV have lost about 1 and a half stone in the past 4 or so months im 5"4 and 107 pounds i dont think im overweight but i do think i need to lose a few pounds alot of people think i have an eating disorder and they say im thin but i dont think im thin...


..........i sometimes throw

..........i sometimes throw small bits of my dinner way and i eat a small enough lunch but i always eat breakfast sometimes if i eat a bar of chocolat i eat it all and the last bit in my mouth i spit out...i used to drink alot of milk but i only drink 1 glass a day...could i have some sort of eating disorder or are my friends overeacting to my weight loss???and i am 16 and female.

sims...It does appear that

sims...It does appear that you are struggling with food for some reason. You don't say if your weight loss was intentional, but the decrease in certain foods that you describe indicates you are eating much less than you use to. Your weight is very low for your height. You are also at a very critical age where you are still growing and maturing. You need proper nutrition to guarantee that you mature in a healthy way. You seem to have a distorted view of yourself in terms of your weight. I suggest that you see your doctor to make sure there is not a medical reason for your weight loss, and also consider seeing a therapist so that you can ensure a healthy view of yourself. Thank you for writing...take care!!