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I have had anorexia/bulimia most of my life, Im 34. I've been as low as bmi 9. I''ve maintained bmi 15-16 for nearly 2 years now. I'm getting oedema, constipation, explosive diahorea, (dont use lax) fatigue, constant pain - what's wrong? I'm always sick.


Hi: Although your BMI has


Although your BMI has increased from 9 to 15-16, you are still considered to be underweight. Anorexia and bulimia present lifelong challenges, and can seriously affect your health & the way you feel.

While it is not possible to diagnose what is wrong over the internet, the symptoms you talk about are associated with gastrointestinal complications common to people who suffer from anorexia. The fatigue suggests that you may still not be getting enough nourishment. Anemia is a common problem associated with anorexia and can make you feel constantly tired with no energy.

I would urge you to see a physician in order to sort out what is going on for you health-wise. I'm also thinking that a counselor or nutritionist would be helpful as you still need to gain some weight without aggravating the physical symptoms you are experiencing.

You definitely derserve to feel much better than this! Please look after yourself, and continue to work on your anorexia/bulimia so you can enjoy good health.

Take care.


Thank you so much, Amy. That

Thank you so much, Amy. That is very helpful. Since I posted this I've seen the doctor and we are trying a few things, it might be IBS, but I also had some sort of fecal impaction/loading. Things haven't improved much but I'm getting help.
I do understand that I do need to gain more weight. That is going to be the hardest thing. One of the reasons I have gotten so distressed is that this has meant I've piled on weight - yes it's fluid and bowel contents but it's distressed me nontheless. I haven't been able to cope with the weight I've gained so far, let alone gain more. It's on my mind and hurts so much every single day. And i haate that because I want to live. I know I'm not fat and I'm mad that I can't see past my own weight. I don't judge others on their weight.
I'm really scared that i'm never going to get better from this. I try so hard to be optimistic and positive but in reality I'm scared. It's been all I know for most of my life. I'm so so much better but it's still shocking how dysfunctional and dangerous my life is iand how stuck I am.
I'll never give up though.
Sorry for the rant. Thank you for listening.