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I've induced vomiting not more than 5 times in the past 3 years. I don't stress about my weight very much but when I feel stressed I want to purge.I think of it much more it still bulimia or something else if I don't worry about weight?I


Whatever it's called, the

Whatever it's called, the core issue is that bulimics (and you) use vomiting to deal with stress and other uncomfortable emotions.
Many of us, whether we realized it or not,grew up in circumstances where supressing feelings was a necessary survival mechanism. Even if someone had the most loving parents at home but the kids at school made his or her life miserable, s/he might have avoid those feelings rather than deal with them. Emotion management is a necessary life skill just like tying your shoes or taking a shower.
One of the techniques that really helped me "get in touch" and not try to surpress through purging, drinking, shopping etc was to write about what I was expiriencing as a novel in the third person because I needed that bit of distance at first but at least I started to reflect. huge hugs