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My daughter is suffering from Diabulimia. Why can't I find a support group for it. Doctors don't seem to know what it is


Diabulimia is a very

Diabulimia is a very dangerous disorder, and while a support group might be helpful, it's not so common, and your daughter truly needs to be in treatment to heal her body and mind. If a doctor doesn't understand this, find a new doctor! An endocrinologist or diabetic specialist would be a good starting point, but even then, they are not likely to understand the ED component.
Please look into specialized treatment for your daughter. Some treatment centers do not handle this, but others do.
We at The River Centre Clinic do treat this as long as the person is medically stable in other ways. Good luck!!

Hi Cherbust, As janurse427,

Hi Cherbust,

As janurse427, stated diabulimia is a dangerous disorder and you should seek treatment for your daughter. However, there are several support groups on the internet that may help you and your daughter. Here are a few of them.

These groups/forums will at least let you and your daughter connect with other people who have experienced or are going through the same thing.