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My fiance has been losing weight drastically, he had been diagnosed with bullimia, and he had been doing great for a few weeks. Just recently he won't eat. I want to help him, but how do I do that, and make him see i want to help him?


He was doing so good, and he

He was doing so good, and he had been bullimic a few years ago, but it came back. I want him to know that I'm here for him, and that I want to help him and support him. He doesn't think I'm trying to help him, only trying to hurt him. How do I make him see?

concerned....can you talk to

concerned....can you talk to your fiance about seeking professional help? This is critical if he is going to truly put the bulmia behind him, and develop other, healthy ways of coping with stress and life's challenges.
You cannot help him if he is not willing to allow you to. Ask him what you can do, and if he doesn't know, just make sure he knows you care about him. If he refused to seek treatment, you may have to decide if you are willing to watch him continue to hurt himself. He has to make that choice, but you can make your choices too. I hope he will seek the help he needs. Take care.