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My friend is 31 and 60 pounds overweight. She doesn't accept that she is a food addicted. She lies herself saying that she can lose weight whenever she wants! What can I do to help her??


The ideal weight for your

The ideal weight for your friend may actually be her current weight. You don't know otherwise. It's important to remember that people are born to be all shapes and sizes, just like people are all different heights. If your friend actually does have an obsession or emotional connection with food which causes her to binge eat, then she certainly may need some professional help. But if she is simply a larger person, I think the important thing to ask, is, 'Is she happy with herself? Is she feeling pressure from others (including you) to lose weight, but does she really focus on it that much?
I guess you could ask your friend if she thinks she has a problem involving food, and ask her how she feels emotionally, as in what is going on in her life. If she indeed is, struggling with eating behaviors, then she does need help. But if she is happy with who she is, maybe it's better to focus on who she is as a person, and celebrate that. Thank you for writing.