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My seventeen year old daughter has always been overly concerned with food and healthy eating. She has now decided not to eat grains, dairy, or animal meat. Will she get sick? How do I help her educate herself?


I understand your concerns.

I understand your concerns. Based on what you shared, your daughter has now limited her diet severely, so it will be very difficult for her to get the nutrients and calories that she needs on a daily basis.
You say she has 'always' been overly concerned with she underweight? Does she menstruate on a normal monthly basis? Do you see that the quality of her life has been or is being affected by the way she chooses to eat?
These are important questions to determine if she may have, or may be prone to developing some major problems, or an eating disorder because of these choices.
There is a lot of education 'out there', but sadly, much of it can point right to what she is choosing as being 'healthy'. It's easy to find information that will support just about anything.
As a parent, I suggest that you sit down with her and have a serious discussion about your concerns, and about the possible risks of eating this limited of a diet. You might also want to ask her to explain her reasons for making these choices.
If she refuses to at least discuss this, or to eat enough and a varied enough diet to maintain growth and health, I would have her examined by a doctor, and I would talk to this doctor about your concerns beforehand. I wish you both the best!