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my son is 12 y/o he has never eaten any meats/fruits/veggies in his life. He says when he puts them in his mouth they taste "gross" and they make him gag, he will really only eat carbsThe only protiens he eats is egg whites/cheese & milk.What can I do?


What does his Pediatrician

What does his Pediatrician say? That would be the first step. Children as a rule go through many odd eating phases, and it's generally said that they will eventually eat what they need, but that is not always the case.
I am curious as to why this has not been addressed before now? Is he underweight? I suggest that you talk to his pediatrician, and consider consulting with a nutritionist (you, along with your son), to discuss options that will ensure that your son gets the proper nutrients in the proper amounts. It may also help to always make a variety of foods available so that if given the chance, your son may try some new things on his own. Perhaps you have tried this. Good luck with his doctor. I hope all goes well!