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my son will only eat potatos and some junk foods such as doritos and reeces cups. when i try to get him to try something else he throws up. my question is one of concern i,ve tried everything and i dont know what to do. he is overweight PLEASE HELP US!


Becky, It's hard to know what

It's hard to know what is going on without more information. How old is your son? Do you provide the food in the house? If so, you can decide what foods are available in the house. Of course if he is old enough to be out on his own at all, he may purchase what he chooses. The fact that he vomits if he is encouraged to try something else makes me think that this behavior may have a lot to do with rebellion, and trying to keep control. I cannot say if this is an eating disorder, but it does sound as if your son needs some help to stop using food as a weapon to control you or his life. I suggest you take him to your family doctor, and also look into having him see a counselor. Good luck!