Skip to Content If a person is constantly obessed with how many times to eat a day and what they are eating... do they have an eating disorder? What if they only eat a small snack in the morning and wait till dinner to actually eat a meal?


i dont think that necessarily

i dont think that necessarily makes someone anorexic but it could be your body doesn't get the excercise it needs to make you hungry. id say that just your willingness to eat a decent sized meal at any time during the shows courage that most anorexics don't have in that respect. if you go to anorexia nervosa on wikipedia they list the things a doctor looks for in diagnosing an eating disorder.

I can't say if this person

I can't say if this person actually has an eating disorder, but their eating habits are definitely 'disordered'. Because they are actually 'starving' themselves all day, they could be setting themselves up for either further restricting, or binging and then purging their food out of desperation. The best defense against an eating disorder is to eat on a schedule, at least 3 full meals a day, plus one snack, so that your body and mind aren't stuck in 'starvation mode'. This will not only be helpful to prevent the eating disorder thoughts, it will keep your metabolism at a healthy level, which will keep your energy levels more constant. There may be more 'symptoms' involved that are not necessarliy about food. I agree that you should look at the specific criteria for both anorexia and bulimia on this site. Thanks...Jan

Usually id say its fear that

Usually id say its fear that if you eat alot in the morning then you cant eat a lot later on. Basically your denying your body of what it needs to look the way you want to look.

Hope that helps.