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recently ive suddenly lost 3st,and ive started having stomaches and headaches. i don't know whats wrong, but i simply just cant eat, even when im hungry, i still struggle. what should i do?


Hello...before you jump to a

Hello...before you jump to a any conclusions about this possibly being an eating disorder, I suggest that you see your doctor to rule out any medical issues that could be causing this weight loss and pain in your stomach and head. Have you noticed an increase fear about eating, in terms of associating it with gaining weight, or not losing weight? Do you have a heightened awareness and dislike of your body? And, what types of emotional stresses do you have in your life that could possibly be interferring with your normal appetite and food intake? Please see your doctor as soon as possible!

hi i agree with janurse427,

hi i agree with janurse427, there are alot of things that could be causing your symptoms better see your doctor,,, :)