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Should I talk to someone about my situation. I feel like it's fine. (Continued below)


It's summer time. Usually I

It's summer time. Usually I don't eat as much in the summer as I do in the school year. I usually don't get up until 10 or 11 so I skip breakfast. I usually just get distracted on the computer or go and hang out with friends and forget about lunch. So I don't eat until about 6:30 or 7. Is this normal? The only fears that I have that I might be developing an ED is that I have begun to weigh myself a lot and liking the results on the scale and that I actually enjoy the feeling of hunger. Is this normal? Should I be worried about anything?

Hi....your schedule and

Hi....your schedule and eating schedule do mimic one who might have an eating disorder. Yes, schedules in the summer are different, but your nutritional needs are not any less.
You describe feelings that could evolve into more problems, and while you state that you think it's fine, you are asking for help.
I remember you from a while back also, I believe, so this may be a problem that has been brewing for a while. Please seek help....take care. ?