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What should you do if you are a teen dealing with an eating disorder and you don't know how to ask for help?

Comments's good that you are's good that you are reaching out for help. Does anyone in your life know that you are struggling with an eating disorder? Have you actually been diagnosed as having an eating disorder? I think one of the first things you can do is talk to your parents about this, and explain it in terms of your emotional state, and how not knowing how to handle these things in your life, you are having difficulty eating...or whatever kinds of problems you are having with food..restricting, bingeing and purging..etc. If you don't think you are ready to speak to your parents about this, I suggest that you talk to your guidance counselor at school, and ask him/her for suggestions. It's important that you get the help of a professional to get over this. Because many people don't really understand that an eating disorder is about much more than eating or food, if you can connect your feelings to how this is a problem, it may not only help them better understand, but you as well. Good luck, and please get some help!!

I think it is great that you

I think it is great that you have realized yourself that you have a problem. I know it took a great friend to finally get the nerve to tell me she thought I had a problem. The next day I broke down and told my parents. It was difficult because they both cried, but after I told them I felt SO much better. I think it is important that you ask for help yourself. I went to my school psychologist that day and she got me involved in a eating disorder therapy program at school that really helped me. She also got me to see the doctor at school once and week and to see a nutritionist. Asking for help is the first step of recovery!