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Why does everyone keep saying your eventually going to die? Obviously we know the side affects, so I wish some people would know it goes a lot deeper than that.


How I wish the basic need for

How I wish the basic need for survival would cancel out my desperation to be thin :). I don't want to die, honest. Just people who aren't struggling need to know that if death is an eventual outcome for not eating, there must be a real issue going on if people still don't eat. Maybe my mutated body image will eventually kill me...what a depressing thought :D. Anyone have any ideas on how I can explain to my parents and friends how tormenting and serious "not eating" is? And that I'm not trying to die, I'm trying to improve myself the only way my mind sees fit.

It's nearly impossible for

It's nearly impossible for someone who has never suffered from an eating disorder, or had good education about what an eating disorder involves, to understand how a person's ability to think clearly and rationally is impaired by an eating disorder. The effects of starvation are horrendous and numerous. I suggest that you have your parents read up about the many aspects of an eating disorder, especially about the way starvation impairs the cognitive function. A good research study that explains this very well is the Ancel Keyes study, which was done back in the 1950's I believe, but has important merit in portraying the effects of starvation. You can find this at
If you are seeing a therapist, which I hope you are, it could also be helpful if your family would attend a session with you so that your therapist can answer their questions.
Good luck in your recovery!