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Why would someone with anorexia start binge eating?


amnvin...this is a very

amnvin...this is a very common reaction to restriction and simple starvation. When a person has been limiting their intake of calories and depriving themselves of certain foods, biology takes over. Our bodies need food, and the drive for survival can become so strong as to lead to bingeing in these circumstances.
Up to 85% of people who have experienced anorexia symptoms will end up bingeing at some point.
It's very important to get professional help in order to break this cycle and move on in a healthy way.
Thank you for your is an important one!

I am in therapy and am

I am in therapy and am developing a support team.Although my financial situation is preventing me from moving on as I would like to.The binging is very scary to me.I binge on such unhealthy things like cake and cookies.I also binge on peanut butter and cereal.I have experienced weekly binges before but it seems the more I try to up my calories and eat healthy to gain I cant stop eating, and then start the binge.Then I am afraid to eat at all.I have binged 4 days in a row now and I am terrified.I was at a BMI of 14.8 last month.I have not weighed myself since.I still fit in my clothes but am sure I have gained.Which I know I need to do but not by binging.Im so scared.Will these binges stop?I just want to be normal and healthy.

In order to break this

In order to break this dangerous cycle you really need to be in treatment with a specialized professional. Yes, the bingeing can be controlled, but it will require you eating a structured meal plan, and taking a very difficult stance against the eating disorder. Please use whatever resources are available to you, and don't be afraid to ask for help!

Yes i agree because as we all

Yes i agree because as we all know that food is the greatest source of our strength. As we all know that this is the most basic thing that our human body needs.

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I was anorexic for about 7

I was anorexic for about 7 months, during which I allowed myself weekly binges that I never gained weight from. But when I came home from treatment, something happened and I just started eating again. But all I did was binge. I couldn't stop; food just seemed so appealing all of a sudden. I gained weight and I still binge but I think I am maintaining my weight. I am somewhat bulimic and now I binge more out of habit than anything. But I am assuring you that it is not strange for an anorexic to binge. As much as we want to deny our bodies' need for food, I think all of us anorexics end up bingeing at some point. You're not alone! I know how awful the feeling is, but once you start eating over time and your body gets used to being fed again, things WILL even out. You won't have these uncontrollable urges and cravings forever. It's only your body trying to get what it needs right now. I hate to admit it myself; I will always feel like a failure for not maintaining my anorexia and not staying underweight, but a lot of things in life are easier now that I am no longer underweight. Best of luck to you!