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My parents say i eat too much at night, does this mean i have night eating disorder?


For myself, when struggling

For myself, when struggling with food, I attended 5 Over Eaters Anonymous meetings, listened to the members share their experiences, and decided if I could identify with those behaviors or not. You can go to to find local meetings in your area. This program is free and if anything you will decided if it is right or wrong for you....Blessings

Are you getting up in the

Are you getting up in the night to eat? Or are you eating more of your daily food later in the day? Either way, this alone does not mean that you have an eating disorder. Do you find that this behavior is tied to emotions or anxiety? Are you focused on weight and food a lot? A lot of this depends on what your thinking is about, and how you are reacting to life in general. Please see a doctor or a therapist if you are concerned. If this is a change for you, it could be a problem, but don't just to conclusions too quickly! Take care ?