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Do I have an eating disorder? Whats wrong with me?


I feel obligated to exercise

I feel obligated to exercise even when I feel sick (or when I've eaten,) have blisters all over my feet,and over exhausted. Plus, I usally eat low calorie foods. I constantly worry all the time about my weight and what I eat..

I plan my meals ahead of time. Like for example, I'll say to myself (okay for breakfast I'll have this, then I'll just have a piece of fruit and some yogurt for lunch,) I always have to know whats in my food and how much. I always look at how many calories. If its over 300 I wont even touch it.

If I do eat more then 300 in a meal, I'll feel guilty and I'll get depressed. I cant go out and enjoy meals anymore. I always think about how many calories are in it. Its hard and I feel depressed all the time.

So whats wrong with me? Do I have an eating disorder?

Hi Michelle...I replied to

Hi Michelle...I replied to your other question. Please get some help now. The sooner you seek help, the better your chances for a full, quick recovery.
Never give up!!