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I've been in a relapse and am 5'7" and weigh around 113-110. The last 1-1.5 months I've been exercising more, anywhere from 75-90 mins 3x a week. I've been losing weight, but afraid to exercise less b/c I'm afraid I'll gain weight. Help!


Hi, If you eat healthy foods


If you eat healthy foods and exercise a little less say 40 minutes 3X a week then you should be able to maintain your current weight. However, 110-113 seems to be underweight. You should not gain weight if you a following a healthy meal plan. Your body needs certain foods for the vitamins and minerals. Just eat right and cut back your exercise a little. You don't want to stress your body out by exercising to much. You can also try a 30 minute 5X a week exercise routine. That will help you burn some of the calories you consume each day instead of trying to burn them all at once.

You say you are in a

You say you are in a 'relapse' which can mean many things. It sounds as if your mindset is more eating disordered, which means that the exercise may not be a positive component until you can maintain a healthy body weight. Please see a professional. As long as your thoughts are aimed at burning off calories, it is not helpful.
The fact that you are losing weight is a huge red flag. Please seek the advice and counsel of an eating disorder professional, and do it before you spiral downward any further!
Take care....3