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Marathon training gone bad?


I am deployed to Iraq and

I am deployed to Iraq and decided while I was over here to begin training for a marathon to preoccupy my time. I have always really enjoyed running and exercise, and still do. The first 4 months went by without incident. However, lately, I have become obsessive about my weight, calorie intake, and body structure. I will spend up to 4 hours in the gym or on the "track", in order to burn calories I deem as "extra" . My supervisor says I do not qualify for an eating disorder because I am of a normal weight (which I now for a fact is untrue). If I am unable to run or workout on any given day, I get extremely aggravated and it effects my mood tremendously. I have shared with a few close friends here, and they are very concerned. I love to run and don't want to have to stop, but I don't want this to turn into a monster I can't control. What do I do?