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Some days I feel like I have a problem, other days I don't. I have raced bikes and running competitively so I can always justify my overexercising because someone else is always doing more....what is too much exercise?


I think the main issue is

I think the main issue is what drives you to exercise? Do you strive to "balance" your food intake to how much you exercise? Do you find joy in exercising? If your exercising is obsessive, and tied in to your eating behaviors, as if to compensate for calorie intake, it could be a problem. The amount of exercise that is considered "healthy" is individual, and if you are driven out of an effort to be "perfect" or to do more than everyone around you, you should probably evaluate your reasons, and perhaps seek a professional to help you find a reasonable balance. If your exercising IS related to losing weight or compensating for calories, it would be good for you to seek professional help to assess your body's needs and your health status. Jan L.