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As an aneorexic, I experienced secondary amenorrhoea. Now I am at a normal weight and my period has returned along with almost puperty-like PMS symptoms (immature crankiness, breast growth, change in body shape, headaches, etc). Is this normal?


Hi: I'm glad to hear that


I'm glad to hear that you've managed to bring your weight back up to normal. As you mention, secondary amenorrhea (or the loss of menstrual periods that used to occur) is a common symptom among women who suffer from the eating disorder anorexia. Excessive exercise can also interrupt a woman's menstrual cycle or cause her to lose her period entirely.

The most likely cause is a disruption of hormones that regulate menstruation. The production of these hormones is dependent upon a certain percentage of body fat. When a woman is severly underweight, her body is unable to generate a sufficient quantity of these hormones, and menstrual periods cease.

Of course, there may be other reasons for a lack of menstrual periods. Aside from pregnancy, stress and anxiety can play an important role. Other medical conditions may also interfere in this complex process, resulting in irregular periods or amenorrhea.

Now that you have re-gained weight, you may find that it takes a little while for everything to settle down again. The symptoms you describe are all hormone driven, and while your period has happily resumed, you may find that these other concerns will require a little more time as your body adjusts.

It may be an idea to see your family physician just to rule out any other causes for the discomfort you are experiencing. Your doctor can also put your mind at ease regarding what to expect, as your body adjusts to a more regular mentstrual cycle.

Wishing you well.