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As I am out of recovery six months or so, I feel like all I think about is food! I feel like a baby because I eat every few hours. Do I have to eat three meals and three snacks? I would really like to just eat 3 meals a day and one snack?


Hi! The first year into

Hi! The first year into recovery is the most critical in terms of keeping yourself safe and connected to a professional for accountability. If someone relapses, it's usually during that first year.
It's really a great idea to be eating often, because this can help prevent extreme hunger, which can then result in bingeing, and possibly purging. This will often provide your body with a constant supply of energy, and prevent your blood sugar from dipping too low. Your body is healing, and for now, it's important to take every caution to help it heal.
Take care, and congratulations on your recovery!!

Hi janurse is right the first

Hi janurse is right the first year is the most critical , i myself relapsed 3 times the first year .It's now been two and a half years since i was diagnosed with anorexia and im happy to say that i have complete control over my eating disorder and im back in perfect health.I understand how you feel because i felt the exact same way, it feels like everything you do, think and say is about food but it really is for your own good and more importantly your health and your future in time it will become eaiser and eating, talking or thinking about food wont be such a chore anymore and hopefully you will begin to enjoy it does take time but time does heal just be strong.

Thanks for the response. It

Thanks for the response. It helps to hear that you have gotten to a point where ed is not the one in control. Have a good day!