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Does anyone know how long it takes for water retention to go away from bulimia? It is very annoying, triggering and scary. Blaaaaah =[.


This would depend on several

This would depend on several variables, including, have you stopped the bingeing/purging? How long has it been since you stopped? How long were you bulimic before you stopped bingeing/purging? Have you ever also abused laxatives or diuretics?
Recovery is a complex process, and lucklily, our bodies are miraculously resilient. But for our bodies to begin to function efficiently and normally again may take some time. It could be just a few weeks, or it could be a couple of months, depending on those factors above, and your own individual body. Are you under a doctor's care? Do you have a treatment team? Whatever the case, you really should have a professional monitoring your recovery.
I totally understand how this can be upsetting and scary, and just plain awful. Try to be patient, and I hope you push forward in your recovery!! Take care.