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Hi, From restricting for a few years, 3 weeks ago I began increasing and am now on 2400-2500 calories a day to put on weight, its going on 1lb a day , put on 12lb total (I didn't think this was possible) and my stomach is so huge , what is happening?


congratulations on working on

congratulations on working on recovery! Are you under a doctor/therapist's care?
The weight you have gained is likely largely fluid, but also, your metabolism has been decreased over the past, so you are gaining more easily than normal. This will slow down, but please don't decrease what you are eating, unless it is recommended by your doctor. Your metabolism will be boosted by eating a good amount of calories. You will not continue to gain at this amount.
It's common that your weight would settle around your stomach at first, but it will distribute more evenly over the next few months. You are doing a great job...don't give up!!

Thank you so much for your

Thank you so much for your reply, that has eased my panic a bit!! Does the fluid go or is it just replaced by muscle and fat etc? Can this occur anywhere? yesterday my thighs and lower back looked really puffy, they are a bit better today, but thought this was a bit odd.
I'm not seeing a doctor or therapist, I had very bad experiences with them when I first was diagnosed a few years ago. I know it is risky to go it alone, at the moment I'm feeling really positive about it all, I know I have to get over this to get on with my life. Not really sure of my goal weight though so I should possibly visit my doctor.

Yes, the fluid should

Yes, the fluid should normalize once your system adjusts to being fed again! I respect why you may not want to see a therapist for fear of a bad experience, but I encourage you to have a doctor who can help you in the long run. If you would like some suggestions for a good ED therapist or doctor, you can search on the 'treatment' line below.
Good luck!!