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Hi. I am so proud to say I finally my period frist! I have struggled with anorexia since I was 13 years old and never had a period until today ( i am 23.) My question is, will i grow anymore, hips widen, etc? Or did my years of no period stunt my growth?


Hi: I'm glad to hear that you


I'm glad to hear that you have your period. As you know, anorexia can seriously affect a woman's fertility including causing amenorrhea (lack of menstruation or periods). The reason for this is a very low percentage of body fat which affects the production of a hormone called leptin. This hormone is responsible for the production of hormones that are needed in order for puberty to occur, including menstruation and other physical changes.

It's not really possible to give a proper answer to your question, as you would need to be examined by a doctor in order to measure the hormone levels in your body, and examine other factors that affect growth and development. Of course, it is good news that you have your period - however, I'm wondering if you are still affected by anorexia. This would contribute to low levels of fat tissue in your body which would negatively influence the production of leptin.

As there are some other medical issues that can affect one's period and development, I would encourage you to see a physician to set your mind at ease.

Wishing you well.