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sould i get help?.


hi, i recovered from anorexia

hi, i recovered from anorexia a few years ago,it took me ages and i had help at first but things were really hectic at the time and i lost contact with my therapist, ive been ok for about a year and a halp, but now i feel myself sliding back, i feel panic every time i eat anything,i excersise all the time, i think about calories and food constantly, i keep getting really upset and panicky and moody and i know iv lost weight, i dont want to be unhealthy i just want to be a bit thinner, but i don't think i can do it without going too far I feel aas though i need some help, but i also feel bad asking for it, like im not ill enough coz im still an ok weight. i feel like im loosing control. I dont know what to do... are experiencing are experiencing a relapse, which can be dangerous. I think it's important that you try to reconnect with the person/people who helped you before. The obsessions and fears with food and exercise will only get worse without help. You don't have to fall back into this, but at this point, you need to ask for help to get your 'footing' back, you know? You deserve to be well and free from this! Please seek help as soon as you can!

lizzie i too have relasped !

lizzie i too have relasped ! after years of therapy & hospital stays with feeding tubes . that was in my 30's now i am 53 so it can happen at any age . & that maybe it returned my old habits because of alot of life changes ? for me . i really donot know but feel overwhelmed & no control in my life now . i too feel alot of panic ! when i try to eat ! & guilt ! & the running i did then i am again now . but when i did recover i did maintain a healthy weight . i just thought that i could never relaspe after so much time it took me to recover about 5 years . please take care of you .'s not too late to's not too late to recovery and reclaim your freedom. Are you seeing a professional? Have you considered going back into treatment? Please don't give up! I am also 53 years old, and I am fully recovered and living my life fully everyday. I am not special. You can do it too, with the proper help. Please seek help!! It's never too late!!

Take care.

i really appreciate your

i really appreciate your coments & your blog too ! i do not know what i am going to do . i feel lost empty & so depressed my self esteem is so d--- low now too. i was in the hospital many times for tube feedings ivs & my heart too is affected from it all & have to see a cardiologist too i see him again on tuesday & i know when he sees me he will be very upset . i feel like i am running for my life when i run & really with my heart should not but i just can not help it as hard as i try "sigh" i loss so much from my ed my marriage a man i still love of 22 years he never tried to go to therapy with me before nor my family & i have a 30 yr old son too & it really affected him as i went through this before . he is now fianlly having a good relationship with me well as good as it can be after what i put him through & i have a lot of guilt too about it all. he is getting married in oct & i really want to be well again for his wedding & he has seen me & we only see each other about once a month & he said to me last week well mom here we go again as i have lost down to 94 from 115 in less than about 3 months . at this time i am not in therapy i just feel no control to even try to make the apt ? god bless & thank you xo

sunset..I am happy to offer

sunset..I am happy to offer any support that I can :)
You have many good things in your life, and I can tell that you truly do want to be able to enjoy them...your son, his wedding, but most of all, LIVING!!
I urge you to do whatever is necessary to get help. Call a therapist, ideally, someone who knows your history. Even if not, you need help, and I fear that the condition you are in will prevent you from being able to make rational decisions for your own well being. It's not a weakness to need help, or to ask for it. NOT doing anything is a weakness, and I do not believe you have a weak spirit!!
Please get some help, therapy, going into treatment, whatever it takes!! You deserve to recover and live a life of freedom!! Take good care...Jan