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Hi I'm 16 years old. Last summer I started running, and i over trained so I became underweight and lost my period. Over winter I tried to eat more to gain wight and get my periods back. It worked so I got a period in March.


continuing... I started

I started training again a little. I'm at my normal weight 61kg wich I was before all this started. I'm 174cm tall and my BMI is healthy. My hair has fallen off a bit more now, I think it's an side effect of my hard training and weightloss. Weird that it comes this late.
I think I should have my periods back by now. Im getting scared.

However my qustion is, why haven't I had a period now? Why doesn't I have periods now? I got one in March as a sign (I think) to that I'we reached my healthy weight and my body was healing/back to healthy.
Why no menstruation now even though I had one for a few months ago and that I'm at my normal weight?

Please help me and read this and answer on my qustion.
Thank you!

Hi: As you know, menstruation


As you know, menstruation is dependent upon maintaining enough body fat in order to manufacture the hormones that control your monthly cycle. Although it is a good sign that your period returned in March, you may find that it takes a little longer for your body to adjust, and for you to get a regular monthly period.

While you state that your weight and BMI are healthy, it sounds as though you may still be experiencing some symptoms of over-training such as hair loss. It is possible that your body is continuing to recover from your rapid weight loss earlier, and will need more time for hormone levels to reliably regulate your periods.

There are a number of other medical reasons why a woman's periods may be late or irregular - and of course, individual variation is perfectly normal too. In fact, some women find that something as simple as too much stress and anxiety can affect their menstrual cycle.

The best way to get some reassurance and peace of mind, is to see your family doctor about this. He/she will be able to assess whether your diet and exercise program is appropriate, and determine if anything else is contributing to your lack of periods. That way, you won't have to worry about anything scary happening to your body, and you will be able to enjoy running without the anxiety of wondering if you are over-training again.

Hope this helps a little. Take care.