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How can I make my relationship work while my boyfriend is battling with an eating disorder? I try to help but nothing I do seems to help. It ends up causing a rift between us, and I am scared for our future :-(


Is your boyfriend getting

Is your boyfriend getting professional help? That is key to his recovery. If he isn't, you could suggest that he do that, but of course, you cannot force him to do anything. A person who is struggling with an eating disorder will likely not be in a position to be in a relationship, at least in a healthy way. Perhaps you can ask him how you could help, or if you can, and explain to him that you feel helpless. You may even get to the point where telling him that you cannot watch him do this to himself, and if he doesn't get help, you must move on. That could be a wake up call for him, and helpful in the long run.
He has to be the one to seek help and do the work, and you can only help if he allows you to. Good luck.