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how do i get over my fear of clothes getting tighter and having to get new sizes?


I think this is particularly

I think this is particularly difficult. At one point in a time of recovery, I told myself that I needed an index card of reasons not to fear weight gain and i would carry them arround with me all the time. I listed things like people I loved that were not considered underweight or average, maybe even slightly overweight and reasons why I loved them and that I could be loved for those or similar reasons. I listed the benefits to not having any distructive eating disordered behavior and the benefits of having a life focused on a goal or dream that had nothing to do with size.
I also recommend working with your nutritionist and doctor to find out what your goal weight is and what size that might sizes seem to forever be changing and are no longer reliable in providing a measure of health. Perhaps you have a picture of yourself at a healthy weight that you could post on one of your mirrors or on your refrigerator where you can see that you are beautiful even when you are healthy. Try not to focus on the size - easier said than done and try to find people wearing the fearful sizes and develop a list of character traits you like about the people wearing those sizes. You deserve to be healthy and happy regardless of size and you are worth it!