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How may I support a loved one in his recovery?


Some things you can do is to

Some things you can do is to try to educate yourself as much as possible on what they are struggling with. Eating disorders are very complex and hard to understand. You can also simply ask your loved one what they need, and how can you be the most support for them.
You could also ask them if they would like for you to go to a therapy session with them, so that you could all discuss this, and come up with ways that you can be helpful. It's much better to ask the person than to just try things that may be more harmful than helpful. Take care.

He has gone through therapy.

He has gone through therapy. He is not at the time seeing a therapist. From what I understand, he was in therapy for a good amount of time.
I have asked him what I may or may not do to support him through his journey.
What book/books would you suggest for Compulsive Overeating. There are so many out there. I don't want to weed through mediocre ones to get to the really good one.
I appreciate your suggestions and time,
Love Support

You could check out Gurze

You could check out Gurze books at:

They offer a vast selection of books on all aspects of eating disorders.
Good luck in all you do!