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I am 159cm and weigh approx 44kg meaning my BMI is currently 17.4 , I have suffered from an ED for 2years and am currently in recovery. I lost my period soon after weight loss, any suggestions to help me get it back?


Hi say you are

Hi say you are 'in recovery'. Does this mean you are working with professionals and a plan for recovery? If so, I suggest that you try to be patient and take their advice. In time, as your body weight is restored, your systems should begin to heal. Once you reach a certain point where your hormone production is normalizing, it's very likely that your periods will return. If you are trying to do with on your own, I suggest you consider seeking professional help to develop a more comprehensive plan for recovery. Good luck!

Hi, Yeah I am working with

Hi, Yeah I am working with professionals and have been for about a year, I have been at a higher weight than current and periods have still not returned will I have to stabalise at this weight for some time, before hormones can normalise?

Hello, only when your body

Hello, only when your body thinks it has enough energy you will start to have your period. I think you are still too thin - 50kg is the minimum for your height. Why don't you try to reach 48-50kg? After 4-6 months you should start to have your period. Also, having your period is not just about having kids. You will become a much happier person - it changes your mood, behaviour, everything!

It's hard to be sure what

It's hard to be sure what weight your body 'wants' to be, but with consistent nutrition, over time, your periods will resume. If your body's 'stores' have been depleted, the most vital systems to sustain your life will be restored first, and then other ares will begin to heal and function normally again. This is something to continue to examine with your medical doctor as well. Keep up the good work!

Thanks for your reply! I am

Thanks for your reply! I am currently awaiting some blood test results for hormone levels so hopeing this will give me some indication in terms of my hormone levels! Does regular eating patterns also affect the chance of periods returning, as I tend to binge and restrict?

Your eating patterns can

Your eating patterns can definitely have a strong bearing on your body's hormone production. If consistent nutrition is not available, it's likely that hormone production will not normalize. Everyone is different, but also for the sake of your recovery, it would be best if you could work on stopping the chaotic eating patterns. I know it's not easy, but it's crucial for your recovery and your future!! Take care.