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I am in early recovery from eating disorder. My treatment team wants me to set up a appointment with a dietician, as well as therapist. I understand the therapist need, but not really sure about the dietician. I was in treatment for a little over 8 wks


Hi! Congratulations on

Hi! Congratulations on getting help for your eating disorder!! It is important to have professionals who are communicating on all aspects of your recovery in order to keep you on track during the very vulnerable first year into recovery. A 'team' approach has been shown to be the most effective for successful recovery. For your sake, I would take the advice of your team, so that you have as much support as possible. Recovery is hard, but absolutely possible!! Try to be patient and utilize all the resources that you can. Good luck!!

Thanks for the reply. I do

Thanks for the reply. I do have a appointment with a dietician set up. I just worry it will be a meal plan and stress me out. I feel like I know how to eat now.


It's good that you have set

It's good that you have set up an appointment. I suggest you be honest about your fears, and it may be that the dietitian won't change anything if it's working for you. Speak your voice about what you think works for you, but try to be open for suggestions that may be beneficial as well. Good luck!! Jan

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