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I began treatment 1 1/2 years ago for restriction and overexercise. I have gained over 70lb and now weigh over 200lb and can't seem to lose. I don't binge and have seen many specialists (endocrine). I follow my meal plan and do well, what is the deal?


What does your doctor(s) say?

What does your doctor(s) say? Are you genetically designed to be around this weight? If you are not bingeing, and following your prescribed meal plan, your body is likely to settle where it wants to be. I cannot diagnose you, but I think you should continue to seek answers, and also a therapist, who can help you deal with the emotional component of this. Good luck!

All my doctors seem to be

All my doctors seem to be baffled and say I should just eat well and exercise. But I already do reasonably exercise and follow my meal plan. I have recently started seeing a new nutritionist. I will see if this helps.