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I can't eat more than 400 calories a day... usually around 180.. I fast weekly, binge daily, in which i purge every time, i chew and spit food, abuse laxatives, I'm hopeless and confused..I'm 16 I have a problem, and I need help.. What do I do?


PinkkRose, it looks like you

PinkkRose, it looks like you need some professional help. You should see a therapist. I did when I had my hard time, and it really does help. It's good to talk to someone, expecially when you want the help. Therapist are cool and they won't judge you. They are there for you to hear your problems and just to consitrate on you.
You see that you have a problem and that you need to fix it, which is great. The next step would be to take action in fixing it. If you can't eat more than 400 calories a day and you are trying, then I would strongly suggest getting some proffesional help, because you deserve getting help.
Till you get help, try thinking more positive, and remember that you are suppose to eat a lot more than what you are eatting right now.
Everyone has their own problems so don't feel bad when you seek help.
I hope this advice helps and you try to so something about this. Good luck!

I'll get a therapist, once I

I'll get a therapist, once I tell my parents... Who thought getting better was harder than just being.

But I do plan on getting better, and that won't happen before I get help, to be honest, I'm terrified of getting help, but life isn't worth wasting.

Thank you for your supporting words and thoughts. It really does mean a lot.

pink...considering your age,

pink...considering your age, you really need to confide in an adult who you trust about what is happening. Your health and your life is at stake if you are struggling with all of these eating disorder symptoms.
Your parents need to know, but if you are not able to talk to them, perhaps the parent of a good friend, or an aunt? You truly do need to get professional help. An eating disorder can damage your body, and truly ruin your life if you do not get proper treatment. You have your entire life ahead of you. Please reach out to someone and tell them you need help!
Good luck ?

thank you... I talked with

thank you... I talked with my best friend, he said he will be there for me, even if I push him away.. I'm still not ready to talk to my parents, but your comment really inspired me to get help. It's going to be a long..long journey. Maybe not in a month, maybe not even a half a year, but I WILL recover, I want to be able to smile again, go to parties,... and live.. I will talk to my parents, I just need to figure out exactly what to say, and be ready.

Even though that voice in my head is saying I don't need help, everything will be ruined if I do get it. I'm sick of listening to it... Even though it is, enough is enough.

I will push my self to get help, no matter how much it hurts , no matter how many tears will be shed,, I will get better, I know they will make me gain weight, but, maybe weight isn't happiness.

But what I really wanted to say was thank you... I don't know how, but something you said, or the way you said it, made me realize I want to live, be alive, and 'normal' are are correct...weight is not happiness. There will never be a weight that is 'OK', because you are only identifying yourself by your weight and body. Recovery will help you to identify and value who you are as a person, and not only by how you look. You cannot truly LIVE when you have an eating disorder.
I'm so glad that you are planning to get help! A school counselor may also be a good person to talk to first, if you aren't sure how to approach your parents. Take care!! ?