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I have amenorrhea and I have decided to gain weight. I have only ever had my period when I was on the pill, and I stopped taking it a year ago. Right now I have days were I eat 6000 cal! Will my hunger calm down? I am afraid of gaining too much weight.


Hi....thank you for writing!

Hi....thank you for writing! I'm glad that you are addressing this issue. It is an important one for anyone who suffers with an eating disorder with resulting amenorrhea.
Are you working with a professional to help guide you in your meal plan and weight gain?
That could be very helpful. It's not uncommon for someone who has been starving to need to eat a large number of calories to gain weight to a healthy point. Your periods will likely return when you reach a healthy weight and stabilize there. It may not happen immediately, but within a few months. Please consult with a professional as you move forward with this so that you can address all aspects of the eating disorder and reach full recovery! Take care.