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I have been in active recovery for 18 months, but my body is still VERY out of whack! I see a GI doc in January. Has anyone else had weird bodily experiences being in recovery?


Great to hear you are

Great to hear you are continuing in your recovery, despite what you describe as 'weird bodily experiences'!!
An eating disorder, no matter which one in particular, can play havoc with many, if not all of your bodily systems. It varies among individuals, and can also depend on how long the eating disorder was active in your life. This is normal, for how your body can be affected.
You aren't specific about what problems you are having, but you mention seeing a GI doctor, so I'm assuming your digestive system, at some point, is still not functioning normally. Not surprising. Many problems can occur b/c of an eating disorder, but our bodies are also surprisingly resilient, when it comes to self-repair in time. As long as you continue to take care of yourself, and follow your doctor's recommendations, I expect that everything will be fine in time. Please try to be patient. Freedom from an eating disorder is worth the time it takes!! Take care.