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i have been restricting to 600-800cals over the last 3-4 months(running 4miles daily). Then my cal. range has 0-200 for 3 weeks,using dieretics and laxs. A week ago i increasd to 800-1000 cals. & gained 15LBS in 7Days! Do you think most of its h2o weight?


I notice my arms, legs and

I notice my arms, legs and mid section getting bigger, really fast and im getting Terrified that it will not stop. 15 pounds is a lot in 7 days, especially on only 1000 cals. Im trying to hang in ther eand keep going, but my fear of the weight gain not stopping is getting in the way... If it is water retention, will it really come off? please help.

Hello. the laxative and

Hello. the laxative and diuretic use is what is causing the water/fluid retention, and this is why your weight has increased. It cannot be body mass weight. You really need to find professional help in order to break this cycle. Please talk to a trusted friend or doctor, and find a professional!