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I just left inpatient care where I was in for 30 days. But the wght is all to my stomach. How long will it take for the wght to redistribute to other areas, ie legs, hips, breasts, thighs etc


Hi! Congratulations on

Hi! Congratulations on getting help, and for working on your recovery! It's usual for any weight that is gained in treatment to at first settle around the middle. Do you know why? It has do with the body trying to protect your vital organs after it being starved for so long! It will take a few months for this to redistribute, but it will! For everyone it is different, but please remember not to try to manipulate it with excessive exercise, or you may end up relapsing. It's a very vulnerable time for your body and your mind. Please try to be patient and focus on other aspects of your identity besides your body's shape and size. I know that's not easy, but something to work on!
Good luck!

Yeah, i also went through

Yeah, i also went through this hellish phase when i was an inpatient. I remember it got better after a while, that terrible bloated feeling and it was unbareable. Felt bad about myself all the time and couldnt focus at all but it does get better as the body starts to adjust and the weight adjusts. I relapsed though as soon as i was discharged :( and i went back to square one. Ever since, i cant get back on track and i feel let dowwn,
But dont let this put you off. Ur doing a great job, and ur being very brave about it because you want to. Good luck :)

good luck in your journey i

good luck in your journey i was never in an inpatient could not afford it even with ins so i went to a day program then ins stopped that just when i was making progress ! that was when i was in my 30's & now am 53 & have relasped after a divorce & other personal issues never thought i would relaspe but i did & still having problems trying to get in to a day program again now & i know i need it very much may god bless you & keep on fighting ! xo xo