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I think i am on the verge of a relpase but dont know what to do, any ideas, please help


I am trying to recover from

I am trying to recover from anorexia and ednos for the 5th time. Do not give up. It is very hard especially when stress builds up. I am tired of feeling sick and looking emaciated. I want my life back. Try to check out or disorder forum.

It's good that you are asking

It's good that you are asking for help. If you have a therapist, or had one in the past, you should admit your feelings and fears to them ASAP. If you don't have a therapist, you should seek out one in your area who has experience in treating eating disorders. Think about what helped you in the past, and try to re-institute the recovery behaviors that helped you. It's not just about eating and weight, but you must deal with the issue(s) that are the underlying problems, and whatever triggers are causing you problems now. I do some individual mentoring, for no charge, if it would help you to talk to someone. I am recovered from over 35 years of anorexia, and am an RN. I am not a therapist, but I have learned a lot through my experience, and I want to help anyone who needs help, and remind them that it IS possible to recover!! My email is and you can also check out my recovery Blog at . Feel free to contact me if you wish. Good luck!!

What helps me when I feel

What helps me when I feel like I'm on the verge of relapsing or I want to go back to eating disordered behaviors is this....the more and longer you play around with your body and how it processes food, the more it will get mixed up and the more likely you are to mess your metabolism up. For example: I am recovering from anorexia. Whenever I want to restrict my food, especially when I start to go for more than one or two days eating too few calories for my body, I remember that the longer I do this, the longer my body gets used to the lower number of calories, therefore, the lower my metabolism goes. My metabolism adjusts so that my body can conserve and use the nutrients that it needs to work appropriately. Knowing this, being fearful of gaining weight, but also liking food, I know that if I continue to eat less than what my body needs, I will have to decrease the number of calories consumed to maintain my current weight since my metabolism has slowed. Since I do like to eat food, and, since I also don't want to get in this cycle of eating less and less until I'm unhealthy, I quickly decide that I MUST NOT engage in eating disorder behaviors. I must continue to eat the same amount that I have eaten and no less, which has maintained my weight for about the past year. Be careful. Any step in the wrong direction can send you spiraling down where you cannot pick yourself back up without help. If you're in recovery, think about what you are most fearful of, which is probably gaining weight, and remember that backsliding is only closer to making your worst fear come true. I hope this helps. I know we are so sensitive when it comes to these issues, so please forgive me if I hurt you in any way.