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I think I might developing an eating disorder, and I'm scared. My parents will be so disappointed, and I don't think I want to tell. I just don't know what to do.


Hi. What makes you think you

Hi. What makes you think you are developing an ED? Perhaps we can talk about how to approach your parents about your concerns.

Hi: The thought of telling


The thought of telling your parents about the possibility that you might have an eating disorder can seem very scary - all the more so if you are worried about upsetting or disappointing them.

It is especially stressful for you to be experiencing all this anxiety on top of being concerned about a potential eating disorder. Perhaps, you could ask a doctor or a counselor first, in order to put your mind at ease, and get some support for yourself.

There are a number of different steps to consider regarding telling something important to your parents (including the possibility of having an eating disorder). For example, some people find it helps to write a message out (or even e-mail it to them) first. That gives everyone an opportunity to take in the information and think it through.

When telling your parents in person, most people find it helps to choose a calm, quiet location, free from interruptions. You may decide to talk to them alone, or include someone such as a friend, family member, or counselor - do whatever makes you feel safe.

Most important of all - please remember that your parents reactions and feelings about the situation are just that. You are not responsible for making them feel better, and you are not to blame for their reactions.

An eating disorder is an illness, not a choice - so you are no more able to disappoint your parents by having an eating disorder than you would by getting sick from cancer or breaking a leg.

While it is natural for your parents to be upset when they hear that you may be developing an eating disorder, the focus needs to be directed towards treatment and support for everyone.

Wishing you well.