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i want to recover from anorexia but i can't seem to get back my motivation that i had in treatment last month. how do i keep my drive strong and going?


too have been very scared !

too have been very scared ! about a relape again but it has HAPANED FOR ME I was never overwight I am now 87 and was 115 . For me TRAUMA LOST STESS and now again ! If I may ask ? how long was your treatment program ? and how long have you been struggling with ED ? Only if you wish to share ? I PULLED MY FEEDING TUBE OUT last week and felt completly lost numb do much as I know you know those feelings . I have a great therapist that only takes ED patients . It is great having her that only takes us ! I am so sure it scares you that you are feeling your old habits returning maybe .I was so ANGRY when I pulled out my tube they say it was due to my ANGER I am feeling again and my relape but might be a big turning point as I get my feelings out . As I never have been one to do so . And hid it so well before but now I can't .If you can as soon as you can I would say to CALL your program and share with then that you feel your old habits are there again and I know they will help you ! I TOO know that when I leave my program again as before I was scared as I HAD THE SUPPORT THER WITH THE OTHERS WITH ED I did well for yrs ! My life now again is so filled with loss and the emptiness . ED can happen to any age I am 53 now and was younger before and from that and now I have a heart problem and kidney too . Please tell them ! I don't want you to have the physical damage that may and can show up later or even now ? If you don't share now about your fear that you rold habits are coming again .If you don't see a therapist ? please do so it can make a difference in your RECOVERY . I am not a professional but I do know a lot about ED .
God bless You xo xo